Down Beat


Cathy Lemons, Black Crow (Vizztone) CL 01; 51:19

In Dallas Cathy Lemons used to run with guitaritsts Stevie Ray Vaughan and Anson Funderburg before moving to the Bay Area in the mid 1980's. She's lived a hard life, and the singing on her first solo album in many years lends credence to the typically suspect supposition that misfortune is a prerequisite for creating superior blues. Backed by guitarist Stevie Gurr and other above average musicians feasting on slow tempos, Lemons both salves the scars of the past and celebrates new feelings of freedom on her compositions "I'm Going to Try" and "Your'e In My Town". Thankfully forgoing sensory overload, she boogies, shuffles, and personalizes Earl King r&b, James Brown funk, and Kiernan Kane roots music with unfeighned ardor."

July 2014

80'th Anniversary Collector's Edition