BRINGING BLUES OUT OF THE BOX! Lemons & Berkowitz have teamed together to bring back male/female duets in blues & roots music. Their beautiful harmonies, imaginative arrangements, exceptional songwriting skills, and their high energy performances with great musicians make them a special act.

Cathy Lemons on vocals

Phil Berkowitz vocals and harmonica

Ian Lasmon (Elvin Bishop) on guitar

Endre Tarczy on bass

Chris Burns on piano

Robi Bean on drums

Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz write much of their own material and cover a wide range of styles. Blues, R&B, Memphis Soul, Funk, Gospel, Americana, and Roots all blend seamlessly to create a vocally rich, harp infused, and musically eclectic sound that is firmly rooted in blues

"Lemons belongs on the roster of great Lone Star State singers." GRANT BRITT, BLUES MUSIC MAGAZINE

"One thing is certain…once you hear her, you will be a fan for life." BILL WILSON, REFLECTIONS IN BLUE

"Terrific! Berkowitz's singing is relaxed and unaffected, his harp tone resplendent, his phrasing inventive." TOM HYSLOP, BLUES REVUE

"The man knows how to place his voice exactly how it should be, where it should be. But it's on the harmonica that he's especially remarkable." RENE MALINES, VIRUS DE BLUES

"Excellent recording ("Loui's Blues") in its own right from a hugely talented harp player." LEE HILDEBRAND, LIVING BLUES